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Trick or Treat??

Pets love trick-or-treating too! (Well, the “treat” part at least.) These are our favorite pet Halloween costumes of 2020. Which one will your pet wear for a spooktacular night?

While costumes can make your pet look adorable, there are a few things to keep in mind before you run out and buy them a costume.

Will your pet let you put a costume on them?

Many pets want nothing to do with additional adornments! They will not cooperate if you try to add a bow, let alone put on a whole outfit. Forcing them to wear a costume when they don’t want to, could lead to a miserable night for both of you. Even if they love to get dressed up, be sure to watch their body language for signs of distress. Your fur babies costume shouldn’t be too big or too small.

Can your pet breathe?

Costumes tend to be made differently than your everyday pet wear. You don’t want anything that will be too tight or that will cover their mouth or nose. Be sure to have your pet try on their costume beforehand, and make sure nothing is impeding their ability to breathe. Don’t forget to check if they can see and hear, as well.

What costume are you wearing?

Yes, your costume does affect your pet’s behavior! Be sure to get them acclimated to their costume as well as yours. Have a go of it by trying on both costumes at the same time. The goal is to have a stress free night and that won’t happen if your pet is scared of your costume.

The key is to make sure your four-legged friend feels safe, comfortable, and relaxed during this spooky season.

Check out a few costume recommendations below and links to purchase on Amazon.

BABY SHARK DO-DO-DO-DO-DO-DO! This loveable blue shark has taken over most households these past few years. Wouldn’t your fur baby look adorable dressed up as everyone’s favorite sing a long? BUY HERE

BOND! JAMES BOND?! I don’t know about you but this dapper dog is a dead ringer for Agent 007! BUY HERE HIS HOLINESS! So he might not be the head of the Roman Catholic Church, but I’m sure your pooch is the head of your home! BUY HERE

RAWR!! Your cat comes from a long lineage of great cats! No matter their size, they will look fierce in this Lion’s mane. BUY HERE HOW MANY LEGS DOES A CAT REALLY HAVE? In this costume they’re a dead ringer for an 8 legged spider. Or is it a 12-legged spider? BUY HERE


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