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What to Tell Your Pet Sitter BEFORE You Head Out of Town

So you’re headed out of town and can’t take your beloved pet with you. But, you did the responsible thing; you hired a pet sitter!

It’s normal to be anxious before leaving your pet at home for a vacation. Be sure to tell your pet sitter these things, so that they can take purrfect care of the pet you love!

1 - How They Should Enter Your Home. In order for the sitter to tend to your pet, they will need to get inside. If you have a smart door lock, be sure that you give them the code. If you have a traditional lock, arrange for them to get the key or tell them where you plan to leave it for them. Don’t forget the code to your alarm system.

2- Your Pet’s Medical History. If your pet requires medication or has a recurring or chronic condition, be sure to let your pet sitter know. You should also provide details on the pets medication and possible side effects.

3 - Your Pet’s Behavioral History. No one pet is the same. It’s important that your sitter is able to identify what’s normal and uncommon for your fur baby. Is your cat normally aggressive when it's hungry or will your dog whimper when it’s tired? These are things your sitter should be made aware of and not have to assume.

4 - The Details of Their Mealtime Routine. What time does your pet like to eat? Does it like the small bowl for breakfast but the bigger bowl for dinner? Dry or wet food? Don’t forget to let them know these details to guarantee a smooth mealtime.

5 - Your Pet’s Bedtime Routine. Some pets have their own sleeping quarters and some sleep with their pet parents. There are even some pets that like a belly rub before having sweet dreams. If your pet should be outside at night or in a particular room, give these details to your pet sitter.

6 - The Location of Supplies. Where do you store the pet food, pee pads, medications, and toys? Your pet sitter shouldn’t have to search your home for pet essentials or the things that keep your pet entertained.

7 - Emergency Information. Emergencies can happen at any time and you don’t want your sitter to have to figure it out on their own or do something that goes against your wishes. Provide the vet’s number and any relative or friend they should notify if you’re unreachable. Ensure the sitter knows and understands your wishes if something were to happen to your pet.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when you’re headed out of town and a pet sitter will be taking care of your furry loved ones. Do your best to share the details of what makes and keeps your pet happy!


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